In Oproepen

Oproep van Niall Kirrane: My name is Niall Kirrane and I am an Irish Sociologist, currently completing my Masters in Gender & Sexuality Studies at the University of Amsterdam. As I am not a local, my Dutch is still very basic, hence why I am contacting in English, which I apologise for! 

I am currently completing my Masters research into Trans healthcare, by doing a comparative study between the Netherlands and Ireland (where I come from). I believe both of our countries face major obstacles in terms of providing adequate healthcare for trans people, and I am interested in finding out how this affects the lives of people using these services directly.

I try to recruit some participants to speak with? Ideally I am looking to do individual interviews (approx 1 hour) with people, either in person or via Skype. The interviews would be through English. 

I have created the following page which has further information on my project, ethical considerations, and where you are able to sign up to take part too.

Nial voert een vergelijkend onderzoek uit naar de situatie rond de transgenderzorg in Nederland en in Ierland. Nial is van mening dat beide landen worstelen met behoorlijke obstakels om goede zorg voor transgender mensen te verzorgen. Nail wil onderzoeken wat dit betekent voor de levens van de transgender. Nial wil dit onderzoek uitvoeren d.m.v. interviews in het Engels, face-to-face of via skype, van ongeveer een uur. Voor meer informatie en om je op te geven klik onderstaande link aan.